The First Republican Woman White House Press Secretary. 

Dana Perino is a Fox News contributor and co-host of one of the most popular shows on cable television, The Five. Perino was the first Republican woman to serve as the White House press secretary, and served for over seven years in the administration of President George W. Bush, including at the Department of Justice after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Dana lives in Manhattan with her husband, Peter McMahon, and of course, their dog, Jasper.


If you want to be inspired by a successful woman who goes from ranching in the West, to the White House, to helping in Africa, to a fine marriage and a loving dog, you will find it in this book.

You will also find the kind of honest advice about life, politics and the Presidency that makes you feel good. Now there's a rarity. - Marlin Fitzwater, former White House Press Secretary to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, on AND THE GOOD NEWS IS...