We have boarded Africa Mercy!

We have boarded Africa Mercy!

We have boarded Mercy Africa! Long flights my goodness. Read three books! Slept a bit. Got to take a shower in Germany. Last night stayed at hotel. Very expensive but safe and clean. Food decent - but as this used to be a French colony, that makes sense!


Today we toured the ship all day. Fascinating. Engine room, captain's bridge, operating rooms, schools for the kids of the volunteers.


Tomorrow we depart at 6 am for the assessment site, a local high school. It was reported today that people already are lining up. We were given tshirts to wear so that it is clear that we are with mercy ships. We should be there a full 12 hours. They don't know how many people will arrive. Some locals are skeptical that surgery can be free.
One guy has come from Nigeria. He has a gigantic tumor on the side of his face. He found mercy ships through an Internet search - so he has Internet access but no access to any medical care. The hope is that the tumor can be removed and that it is not cancer. If he's a candidate for surgery, he'll get an appointment card. If he doesn't, well...those must be the hardest decisions to make and the toughest thing to tell someone who desperately needs help.


Thank you for being on this journey with me...

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