Dana’s Inaugural Minute Mentoring Live Web Chat

Dana founded Minute Mentoring to help guide young women as they navigate their career path. Today. she answered questions posed from people across the country via a live web chat. Click here for the transcript!




  1. Stan says:

    Do you have a favorite moment while you were in the White House?

  2. lamont scott says:

    I knew that all old Dem dirty tricks would be pulled out for a non stop attack and smear of Gov. Romney after Mitt kicked butt in the debate. We have our first “October surprise” out today with the manufactured drop in unemployment numbers to 7.8% No surprise there. Look for a drop in gas prices due to BHO’s energy policy.
    Coming soon more stories about Mitt causing all kind of calamities when he was at Bain. I figure we will see almost everything and anything coming from a very desperate staff, and MSM to keep him in the WH. The most over the top will be telling BHO’s base that the “White” Repu’s will steal this election from their rightful King and Savior. And if he does they should start an American “French revolution” to keep him in power. I wouldn’t believe anything coming out of his mouth, even if he says the sun is coming up in the morning. Habitual lier.

  3. Chuck Drake says:

    Since you are White House savvy, do you know of any way that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports can be fact-checked?

  4. Hi! Dana,
    You and Greg seem to have special
    relationship like brother & sister.
    I like that.

  5. Hugh Parker says:

    Dana. I love your show and the people in it. Well not so much for Bob B. & Jaun W. they drive me crazy.
    You have a pre sence on the show, when you speak ever one lessens. And so for I agree with ever thing you say. I would love to meet you and all the others and have a long seat down and talk about all the crap that is going on.
    I have a dog named Rex a black lab 8 years and i was there when he was born. I would like to send you a pick of him, how can i do that? Ans Jasper is relly cute
    Please say hi to the others for me

    Hugh Parker

  6. Mary Jane Tropea says:

    I am a loyal listener of the FIVE! I am 70 years old and a grandmother of 8. I don’t take the upcoming election lightly. I fear for this country. I am writing you because Iknow my thoughts are safe . Tonight I was watching an app on my iPad called ABC Player. it plays episodes of TV shows. I was watching a show named Scandal. I was interrupted 6 times with a Obama Election Video! I find it over the top that they are so desperate to have him elected that they are invading my space with such nonsense. CHICAGO POLITICS have arrived! Keep up the great job on the show. Thanks for letting me vent. I am really upset about what they are trying to do.

  7. Manfred Richard says:


    I love your personality in and out of the cameras, how you are involved helping other people and how you are a successful in everything you do. Congratulations in all your achievements and I will continue following you on “The Five”. I love your dog .. he is soo cute!

    Love your smile… <3

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