Let Me Tell You About Jasper…

Jasper Book Cover FINAL

...How My Best Friend Became America's Dog. Pre-order here!

Minute Mentoring Q&A with Melanie Dunea


Dana interviews our newest Minute Mentor, Melanie Dunea - American photographer and author.

The Daily Signal: Behind-the-Scenes Moments Show George W. Bush’s Leadership Outside Spotlight


Check out Dana's column in The Daily Signal.

Dana Perino: President Bush, Lucas Boyce and an unforgettable lesson in character


Exclusive excerpt on FoxNews.com from Dana Perino's new paperback edition!

Minute Mentoring Q&A with Eboni Williams


Dana interviews Eboni Williams, FOX News Channel contributor, on mentoring.

Try a ‘political cleanse’ in 2016

The new year is a time for reflection and restoration, a chance to hit your own personal reset button. I was grateful for some time with family and friends (and Jasper, my dog, of course), and I tried something new: a political cleanse. For more than a week, I made only passing glances at the ...read more

Surviving (and thriving) after a quarter-life crisis: Three stories of hope

Bestseller Book Jacket

Surviving (and thriving) after a quarter-life crisis: Three stories of hope

My Thanksgiving do’s and don’ts for talking politics around the table


Editor's note: Fox News' Dana Perino, co-host of "The Five" and a weekly guest on Fox Business Channel's "Kennedy" shares her do's and don'ts with Fox News Opinion this week on how to gracefully navigate conversations about politics at the Thanksgiving table. Our Thanksgiving tip? Print this out and tuck it into your pocket as ...read more

National Review’s : Bright Side, Bright Woman

04_28_14 DP Headshot crop

Read Jay Nordlinger's notes on Dana's book "And the Good News Is..."

Congratulations to the class of 2015!


Hear from Dana's readers who are about to graduate, or want to guide graduates, how her book helped!

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