CPAC 2015: ACU Chairman Schlapp says Republican presidential nomination starts here

1. The American Conservative Union hosts CPAC each year in Washington and gives potential presidential candidates the opportunity to address grassroots conservatives. With a wide open primary, nearly a couple of dozen candidates, and a party that will face a well-organized and well-funded Democrat in 2016, how important is CPAC to the 2016 hopefuls? The American …read more

Big News! Dana Perino book scheduled for April 21, 2015

04_28_14 DP Headshot crop

Read more about the book I am writing…

Former press secretary Dana Perino delivered UNC’s 2014 Park Lecture

Dana Perino  said when she became the Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, the first female Republican to hold the position, it was not a job she had planned. “Every single time I have made a big plan, something’s happened,” she said. “You know the saying, ‘If you want to make God laugh, make a plan?’ …read more

Fox’s Dana Perino: The ex-DJ and dog lover who doesn’t like ‘fake friends’

Dana Perino is living her dream. She wanted to be a news anchor as a kid, and look where she is now.   The former White House press secretary is a co-host of “The Five” on Fox News Channel. It’s not exactly a national news anchor slot, but it’s pretty close. “The Five” tackles the …read more

My One-on-One with Charles Krauthammer


What 3 things would Mr. Krauthammer like to see the federal government do? Find out here!

Gathering Support for a Strike on Syria? Dana’s Take on The White House’s Communication Strategy


I realize the last thing the White House wants from me is communications  advice. And, goodness knows, President Obama has plenty of advisers all weighing  in on the public relations push to get Congress (and the American people) to  support an intervention in Syria. Yet, there’s something about the administration’s messaging that has been  striking …read more

Saying our goodbyes…too soon

On the Africa Mercy, it is all-hands-on-deck everyday in every way, as John Wall, finance director, illustrates.

An interesting way to end the summer – aboard Africa Mercy.

Today, we continue our journey and visit the set of The Five (via skype!)

From the "Love Boat," as Greg called it, talking to viewers of The Five via skype from the Congo!

Another Day with Africa Mercy: Smiles You Won’t Forget

Have you seen a bigger smile? What a doll.

A Firsthand Account of Mercy Africa’s Assessment Day

Peter and I wearing Mercy Ships t-shirts to help patients identify who we were with on Assessment Day.

Today was the day that thousands have been waiting for – no, not in Washington, D.C., but in Pointe Noir, Congo where the Africa Mercy will be docked for the next 10 months.   Mercy Ships calls these “assessment days,” when potential patients who have heard about the ship and are brave and curious enough …read more

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