Selfie Friday


Hi, Everybody!  I want you to meet Erin Landers. For the last year she’s been working with me at Dana Perino and Company. She’s a delight. Peter, my husband, says she reminds him of me when he first met me. I asked, “When I was nice?”

Erin is 28 years old, relentlessly positive, and very good at everything I ask her to do. When I told her I felt out of the millennial loop, she came up with a weekly email she calls Selfie Friday. In it she alerts me to new words the young folks are using, plus their worries, their strengths and their challenges.  It has made me feel more informed and understanding…and not as old as I otherwise might. We joke that I’m the only Gen X-er who likes millennials!

I get a kick out of this weekly email and thought you would, too. So we will post these every week. Send us your feedback, suggestions and questions. Together we can make each other hip again!


Introducing Selfie Friday:

Your weekly guide to millennial news.

Read this week's copy of #SelfieFriday here for #millennialnews.

  • What millennials are reading
  • New generational lingo
  • Cultural trends
  • Career tips and preferences

Email Erin your feedback at or DM @erinelanders on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!



Meet Erin

28-year-old Erin Landers resides wherever her laptop is.


Manager of Dana Perino & Co., Erin generates and implements innovative ideas for social media and online engagement. You can check out her videos on Dana’s social media accounts and on


This fall, Erin oversaw the social media marketing strategy of Dana’s book launch for Let Me Tell You About Jasper. By combining video and storyline in unique fashion, “#jasperbook” flooded the media through strategic use of online engagement utilizing video, graphics, Twitter, Facebook, Boomerang, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Youtube.


Author of “Selfie Friday,” Erin follows millennial trends closely and analyzes the political, social, and cultural preferences of this generation. She strives to bridge the gap between conservative principles and millennial goals.


Erin graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA in Leadership Studies from the Jepson School of Leadership, and a minor in Law & the Liberal Arts. Born and raised in New Jersey, Erin splits her time between New York and Virginia, where she lives with her fiancé, Chris.