The Daily Signal: Behind-the-Scenes Moments Show George W. Bush’s Leadership Outside Spotlight


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Dana’s First trip back to the White House

Dana and President George H.W. Bush (41)

Dana visited the White House in May for the unveiling of President George W. Bush's official portrait. Dana had a chance to visit with "41," President George H. W. Bush. Go to to see the first published version of this photo.

Dana’s Final White House Press Briefing

Final White House Briefing

We put together a slide show to pay tribute to the reporters and shared some laughs.

Joint Interview

Interview with Dad

Standing next to the lovely President George H.W. Bush after his interview with his son and Brit Hume of FOX News.

White House Christmas 2008

White House Christmas Party Official Photo

White House Christmas Party Official Photo The black eye in all its glory, with my husband, Peter McMahon on the far right.

Taken out by a Steel Arm of a Boom Microphone

Comforted by President Bush

Comforted by President Bush President Bush had seen me crying in the press conference room after the shoes were thrown at him in Baghdad, Iraq. He did not know I had been hit in the face with the steel arm of the boom microphone.

Dana and Dikembe Metumbo

Dana with Dikembe Metumbo

After his visit with President Bush, Dikembe Metumbo stopped by the press office to say hello. He is kind of tall...

Dana and Pope Benedict

Dana and Pope Benedict

Dana and Pope Benedict Meeting Pope Benedict in Rome with President Bush

Dana and Queen Elizabeth II

Dana Meets Queen Elizabeth II

Meeting Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Palace with President Bush and Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin.

Dana and The United States Marines

Dana Meets The Marines

Who doesn't love the United States Marines? This was an impromptu photo in Anbar Province.

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